Peer Reviewed Publications

JG Eurich, JK Matley, R Baker, MI McCormick, GP Jones. (2019) Stable isotope analysis reveals trophic diversity and partitioning in territorial damselfishes on a low-latitude coral reef. Marine Biology. 166:17. article doi link PDF

JG Eurich, MI McCormick, GP Jones (2018) Domino effect: direct and indirect effects of interspecific competition in a highly partitioned guild of reef fishes. Ecosphere 9:e02389. article doi link PDF

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JG Eurich*, SM Shomaker*, MI McCormick, GP Jones (2018) Herbivore foraging dynamics after the removal of an abundant territorial damselfish in Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology & Ecology. 506:155–162. article doi link PDF *student paper, equal contribution


LE Richardson, NAJ Graham, MS Pratchett, JG Eurich, AS Hoey (2018) Mass coral bleaching causes biotic homogenization of reef fish assemblages. Global Change Biology. 24:3117–3129. article doi link *Virginia Chadwick Award winner

JG Eurich, MI McCormick, GP Jones (2018) Habitat selection and aggression as determinants of fine-scale partitioning of coral reef zones in a guild of territorial damselfishes. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 587:201–215. article doi link PDF


JG Eurich, RL Selden, RR Warner (2014) California spiny lobster preference for urchins from kelp forests: implications for urchin barren persistence. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 498:217–225. article doi link PDF


In Review or Advanced Preparation

JG Eurich. Parental care and egg guarding of the titan triggerfish, Balistoides viridescens (Balistidae). In review, submitted Feb. 6 2019 – Marine Biodiversity.

JG Eurich, LE Dee, D Bradley, K Davis, PM Carlson, RR Warner, JE Caselle. Herbivory and patch dynamics of territorial surgeonfish at Palmyra Atoll, Line Isl, Polynesia. In preparation – Coral Reefs.

CD Golden, JA Gephart, JG Eurich, DJ McCauley, KL Seto. Social-ecological traps, reef-based food systems, and human nutrition. In preparation – Nature Sustainability.

Theses and Technical Reports

JG Eurich (2018) Processes underlying the fine-scale partitioning and niche diversification in a guild of coral reef damselfishes. Ph. D. Dissertation. James Cook University.

California Ocean Science Trust (2015) Final report of the scientific review committee: review of the reference point thresholds prescribed in the draft Fishery Management Plan for California Spiny Lobster (Panulirus interruptus). California Department of Fish and Wildlife. [authorship: JG Eurich ecology and biology sections]

Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District (2012) Humboldt Bay mariculture expansion project, planning, and permitting support. University of California, Santa Barbara and H. T. Harvey and Associates. Funding No. NOAA-OAR-SG-2012-2003249. [authorship: JG Eurich case study and final report]

JG Eurich (2012) California spiny lobster (Panulirus interruptus) predator-prey interactions and the influence on kelp forest community dynamics. B. Sc. Honors Thesis. University of California, Santa Barbara.

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