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It is becoming increasingly important for scientists to reach out to the general public and communicate science in effective and clear ways. Thus, I have strived to embrace this in my professional career. I think creative media that infuse art, entertainment and science can go a long way toward linking the general public with the simplicity and importance that underlie scientific research. I really love talking about science - to anyone who will listen - or read - or watch! Some examples of my science communications can be found below.


Abstract and Outreach Videos

First Place: ARC CoE for Coral Reef Studies ICRS Video Competition Grant, $1,000 People's Choice. Runner-up: Great Barrier Reef Foundation Bommies Award. Honourable Mention: Ocean Film Festival World Tour.

Our research is part of a long-term ecosystem research and monitoring program. We focus on benthic, algae, and fish subtidal surveys via SCUBA. I wanted to share some of these experiences to show the incredible marine life and spectacular diving we have right along the California coastline.

Donor video for the Nature Conservancy and the Palmyra Atoll Research Consortium on a research program to tag and monitor the pelagic predator and common game fish, the Ono (Acanthocybium solandri).

Reefs in Motion is a years worth of science and adventure culminating to 95,000 pictures or 75 hours of tropical islands and underwater reef critters. Honourable Mention: Ocean Film Festival World Tour Honourable Mention: Port Shorts Film Festival.

Public Speaking and Education

I am frequently asked to speak about a broad range of scientific topics for events, to schools and community groups. My audiences range in ages from retirees to pre-schoolers. I also lecture at the academic level and frequently present at international conferences. I can tailor the depth of a talk to meet specific needs. Send me an e-mail (contact below) if you'd like to collaborate or are looking for scientific information!

Download my CV for listings of conference presentations, working groups, workshops and outreach, invited talks, teaching credentials, scientific service, and more.

10th Indo Pacific Fish Conference

10th Indo Pacific Fish Conference

13th International Coral Reef Symposium

13th International Coral Reef Symposium

Selected Popular Writing and Media

Blog article, Food partitioning allows for fish coexistence by Daily Nexus 2019

News article, Good neighbors by EurekAlert! 2019

Press release, A close look at the specific feeding habits of territorial damselfish by UCSB The Current 2019

News article, Coral bleaching threatens the diversity of reef fish by Science Daily 2018

TV interview, Disturbing GBR discovery as Prince Charles holds summit by ABC News The World 2018

Stock footagePalmyra Atoll Reef Sharks by D. McCauley, Ocean 180 Video Challenge2018

Blog articleA story of coexistence by JG EurichARC CoE2018

Stock footageDiving into Reef Resilience: Lessons from Palmyra Atoll by E. O’Reilly et al., PARC, 2017

Competition video, First Place – 2016 CoralCoE Communicating your science by JG EurichARC CoE2016

Article interview, Collaborative Conservation by J. Gilligan, Australian Geographic Magazine, Is. 131, 2016

Book interview438 Days by J. Franklin, Simon and Schuster, 2015

Donor video, Palmyra Atoll Ono Monitoring and Tagging by JG Eurich, The Nature Conservancy 2015

Honorable mention, Reefs in Motion: A Timelapse Project by JG Eurich, Port Shorts Film Festival 2015

TV interviewWalindi Resort: A Divers Oasis by A. Leahy, EM TV PNG, 2015

Blog articlePicky Eaters: Feeding Preference by Lobsters by G. Ober, oceanbites.org2014

Media toolPalmyra Atoll Ono Tagging and Monitoring Project by JG EurichThe Nature Conservancy2014

UCSB media, A Marine Biologist's Day by JG Eurich, PISCO 2013

Television commercialSea Otter Public Service Announcement by JG Eurich and A. Hill, Defenders of Wildlife2011

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